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On Tour: September to December 2013

New creation of the show "Arabesque" at the occasion of his 10th anniversary.

For this show some of the most beautiful Gainsbourg songs were rearranged recalling Oriental, Andalusian, Jewish and Gypsy sounds and rhythms. Jane Birkin performs them alongside Djamel Benyelles (Violonist), Fred Maggi (Piano) and Aziz Boularoug (Percussions). The programme includes famous songs of Serge such as Élisa, Les Dessous chics, Amours des feintes, Les Clefs Du Paradis, Couleur Café and many others.

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Live Album out now

Amour des Feintes, Ballade de Johnny Jane, Les Dessous Chics, Di Doo Dah, La Gadoue etc...

"Hearing the likes of "Do Di Dah" without guitar picking might not have been the same, but its playful spirit came shining through in a jazz rendition. Birkin's voice and easy way with a tricky series of notes here and there was a bit of a revelation to some, for sure, and proved more than capable of carrying tunes when the band receded [...] She was witty, elegant, sincere, emotional, humble and vivacious-with a smile that never seemed forced, more like inevitable" Time Out Chicago

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Text & Staging: Wajdi Mouawad

La Sentinelle was first presented as a staged reading at the Avignon Festival in France.

When they began their work together, there was an immediate recognition between Jane Birkin and Wajdi Mouawad of the otherís artistic journey and heartfelt struggles, linked by the same urgent and unreserved humanity. The playwright wrote a piece especially for Birkin in her many guises-actress, committed humanitarian and a person with great compassion for the world and its people. The result was La Sentinelle, a poetic ode to the suffering of those who have been sacrificed and denied their dignity.

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